Jesse Dangerously: Perpetual Motion Roadshow

Hot hot Halifax indie-nerd-rapper Jesse Dangerously is on tour right now, as part of the Perpetual Motion Roadshow!

Mini bio for Jesse:
Jesse Dangerously is a constant presence in the Halifax hip-hop scene. He has released three solo recordings, appeared on many compilations, and produced the albums of other artists.

A big fan of 1988 to 1994 era hip hop, Dangerously’s influences include the lilting hyperspeed of Chip Fu; the pop culture whirlwind of Das Efx; the indignance and unabashed political overtones of Public Enemy; the intricate rhyme schemes of Lord Finesse; and the cocky arrogance of teenaged LL Cool J or Fresh Prince.

Song sample! Outfox'd (When Pacifists Attack), from his latest ep, Inter Alia.

Anyway, the shows are mostly at bookstores and small clubs, and are all pay what you can. The other performers are Hadassah Hill from New York City, and Cort Bulloch from someplace in Alberta.

The tour dates/venues are as follows:
Chicago: Sat. July 15, 7 pm. Quimbys (1854 W. North Ave.) w/ foul-mouthed friend Brandon Wetherbee!
Cincinnati: Sun. July 16, 4 pm. Hobo Books (4040 Hamilton Ave.) w/ rap group Undermind and Bratwurst, a film by Steven Paul Lansky and Leigh Alfred Waltz!
Rochester: Tues. July 18, 9 pm. The Bug Jar (219 Monroe Ave.)
New York City: Wed. July 19, 7:30 pm. Galapagos Art Space (70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg)
Montreal: Thurs. July 20, 8 pm. Bibliograph/e Zine Library, Toc Toc Cafe (6091 Avenue du Parc)
Ottawa: Fri. July 21, 8:30 pm. Venus Envy (320 Lisgar St.) w/ pornographer-librarian Megan Butcher!
Toronto: Sat. July 22, 8 pm. Art Bar in the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St. W.) w/ teller of goofy tales Mike Bryant!

Please check it out! Jesse is a fantastic rapper, and it should be a cool crowd and a nice evening. Plus it will all be over early enough for you to get up to whatever hijinx you might want to get up to late into the night, or for you to be in bed to get up early the next day!

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Show in September

Hi I'm working publicity for JFC's Gavin show, just wanted to post this here to inform you all:

Gavin DeGraw will be appearing at St. John Fisher College on September 30th. Tickets go on sale August 22nd on musictoday.com and September 7th on the Fisher campus. Doors open at 8 and the show starts at 9.
Also appearing is Low Millions. Tickets from the previously scheduled show will not be accepted. More info can be found at: http://home.sjfc.edu/campuslife/springevent.asp

Or post in my journal or email me for more info: eed0918@sjfc.edu

Thanks and hope to see you there!!

Clubbing Help

Hey everyone. I'm desperately trying to find a place in Rochester that actually plays house music, not current pop hits spun into techno/dance tracks. Tonic had been the only place I knew of to go, but they're now SoHo. Anyone been there since the change. Is it still the same? Are there are other places to go for what I want?? Thanks for any help.

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This week at the Bug Jar:

Ad Frank and the Fast Easy Women
Thursday March 24th - 8pm
$5 over/$7 under
Be there or be squares.


Ad Frank hails from Boston MA and he is making a small tour this week around the north east. He may be a cross between Radiohead, David Bowie, and I don't know what. There is a track from his new album linked through the site above.

If you need any more convincing (discussion or more music to decide), you can IM me: DreygenFli
or email: dreygenfli@hotmail.com .. If anything, just come down for a fun evening at the Bug Jar!

The BugJar
219 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607

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please tune in to hear live interviews on wrub radio this week:

monday 6 - 7 p.m. clearmotive!
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wednesday 6 - 7 p.m. jinxed!
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friday 6 - 7 p.m. invisible choir!
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call the station at (716) 645-3405 or im us at WRUBreq
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take two steps back from all of this

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please listen to the budgets live on the internet today from 6 - 7 p.m. during my show on wrub radio.

tune in for other great local bands next week (and every monday, wednesday and friday):
mon feb 07 - last days of radio
wed feb 09 - corpus dei
fri feb 11 - kalpana

all you need to do to listen is go to the wrub website and click on the picture to listen to wrub live! [you'll need realplayer in order to listen.] you can contact me and the band in the booth by calling (716) 645-3405 or via aol instant messenger at wrubreq.

*if you're in a band or know someone who is - contact me for information about being on the show.